Automatic Job Notifications

With automatic job notifications, we will e-mail new positions of interest to you. There are three different options for being notified of new jobs:

1 Alerts by job category. We will email you anytime we publish a new announcement under a specific job category.

2 Alerts by state agency. We will email you anytime a requested state agency posts a new job.

3 Alerts by job classification. We will email you anytime a new job is published under a requested job classification.

You will receive job notifications for one year. After the year is up you will need to sign back up for job notifications.

Never let an opportunity that is perfect for you and your career pass you by anymore! It is easy to signup for and only requires an active email account. Click the below button to register with the system today.


Once you have registered your job notification(s) an email will be delivered under the subject line “Job Notification Request” from the auto email account You must respond to this email within two weeks in order to activate your job notification request. If you do not receive an email from us, please search your email program's junk-mail folder or contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance.

Ensure our job notification messages always go straight to your inbox. Add to your Address Book or Safe List. To find more information on how to do this click here (The State of Idaho is not responsible for the content or managing the content provided through this link).