Step 3 of 4: Select Job Titles

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Instructions: Select the job titles that you would like to have invoke notification. Please note that you are not required to select any job titles. When you are finished click the "move to step 4" link located above.

Selected Job Titles:
You currently do not have any job titles selected.

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Job Titles:
Select JobJob Title (Classification)Pay Grade
Select Account Collection Specialist H
Select Accounts Specialist, Patient I
Select Activities Coordinator J
Select Adaptive Equipment Specialist I
Select Adjudication Legal Associate H
Select Administrative Assistant 1 H
Select Administrative Assistant 2 I
Select Administrative Services Manager M
Select Administrative Support Manager N
Select Administrator, Division - Deputy P
Select Aeronautics Safety/Education Coordinator M
Select Agriculture Bureau Chief P
Select Agriculture Investigator I
Select Agriculture Investigator, Senior K
Select Agriculture Program Manager N
Select Agriculture Program Specialist M
Select Agriculture Section Manager O
Select Agriculture Trade Specialist L
Select Aircraft Mechanic J
Select Airport Manager K
Select Analyst 1 J
Select Analyst 2 L
Select Analyst 3 M
Select Analyst 4 N
Select Analyst 5 P
Select Animal Facilities Manager K
Select Animal Laboratory Assistant F
Select Animal Laboratory Technician H
Select Appeals Chief N
Select Appeals/Hearings Technician J
Select Aquatics Program Manager I
Select Arborist H
Select Archaeologist K
Select Archaeologist, State N
Select Archaeologist, Transportation K
Select Architect/Engineer Project Manager, Senior N
Select Archivist K
Select Archivist Technician I
Select Archivist, State L
Select Area Manager, Labor P
Select Arts and Crafts Manager I
Select Assessment and Training Center Program Manager L
Select Assistant Manager, Labor N
Select Assistant Pool Manager G
Select Athletic Equipment Assistant E
Select Athletic Equipment Manager G
Select Attorney 2 N
Select Auditor Senior, Public Utility M
Select Auditor, Public Utility L
Select Automated System Manager N
Select Aviation Technician J