Step 3 of 4: Select Job Titles

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Instructions: Select the job titles that you would like to have invoke notification. Please note that you are not required to select any job titles. When you are finished click the "move to step 4" link located above.

Selected Job Titles:
You currently do not have any job titles selected.

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Currently browsing job titles beginning with letter C.

Job Titles:
Select JobJob Title (Classification)Pay Grade
Select Canteen Manager, Senior G
Select Canteen Worker D
Select Carpenter H
Select Carpenter Foreman J
Select Chemist J
Select Chemist Supervisor, Transportation L
Select Chemist, Principal L
Select Chemist, Senior K
Select Chemistry Laboratory Manager M
Select Chief Cybersecurity Officer O
Select Chief Learning Officer N
Select Chief Technology Officer-ITD Q
Select Child Care Provider F
Select Child Care Services Supervisor I
Select Child Welfare Chief O
Select Child Welfare Regional Program Specialist M
Select Child Welfare Social Worker 1 K
Select Child Welfare Social Worker 2 L
Select Child Welfare Social Worker 3 L
Select Child Welfare Supervisor M
Select Children's Mental Health, Chief of O
Select Children's Special Health Program Coordinator M
Select Civil Rights Contract Compliance Officer - ITD L
Select Civil Rights Investigator K
Select Civil Rights Investigator, Senior L
Select Client Services Aide E
Select Client Services Manager L
Select Client Services Technician G
Select Clinical Assistant G
Select Clinical Laboratory Inspector L
Select Clinical Services Administrator, DJC P
Select Clinical Specialist O
Select Clinical Supervisor M
Select Clinician L
Select Commerce Development Analyst K
Select Commerce Development Analyst, Associate J
Select Commerce Program Manager N
Select Commercial Appliance Repair Technician H
Select Commercial Property Manager M
Select Commercial Vehicle Services Manager O
Select Communications Manager, Regional M
Select Communications Supervisor K
Select Community Development Specialist L
Select Community Meal Service Supervisor J
Select Community Meal Service Worker G
Select Community Resource Development Specialist K
Select Community Resources Coordinator K
Select Complaints Specialist, Labor J
Select Concession Manager I
Select Conservation Education Supervisor M
Select Conservation Officer J
Select Conservation Officer, District M
Select Conservation Officer, Regional N
Select Conservation Officer, Senior L
Select Construction Foreman K
Select Construction Foreman, Correction K
Select Construction Manager 1 L
Select Construction Manager 2 M
Select Construction Supervisor L
Select Consumer Affairs Officer L
Select Consumer Finance Bureau Chief P
Select Cook F
Select Cook, Senior H
Select Correctional Case Manager K
Select Correctional Corporal J
Select Correctional Lieutenant M
Select Correctional Manager 1 M
Select Correctional Manager 2 N
Select Correctional Manager 3 P
Select Correctional Officer I
Select Correctional Program Coordinator M
Select Correctional Sergeant K
Select Cosmetologist, H&W G
Select Cottage Supervisor J
Select Cottage Supervisor, Assistant H
Select Counselor for the Blind K
Select Counselor for the Blind, Senior L
Select Crime Data Reporting Analyst J
Select Crime Victim Case Manager J
Select Crime Victim Financial Recovery Officer J
Select Crime Victims Claims Examiner I
Select Crime Victims Compensation Bureau Supervisor L
Select Criminal Identification Bureau Chief P
Select Criminal Identification Operations Officer N
Select Criminal Records Section Supervisor L
Select Cultural Resource Specialist, ITD L
Select Curator K
Select Curator, Archaeology K
Select Curatorial Registrar K
Select Custodian E
Select Custodian Foreman H
Select Custodian Leadworker F
Select Custodian Superintendent, University J
Select Custodian Supervisor - Health Care Facility H
Select Customer Service Representative 1 G
Select Customer Service Representative 2 H