Step 3 of 4: Select Job Titles

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Instructions: Select the job titles that you would like to have invoke notification. Please note that you are not required to select any job titles. When you are finished click the "move to step 4" link located above.

Selected Job Titles:
You currently do not have any job titles selected.

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Currently browsing job titles beginning with letter H.

Job Titles:
Select JobJob Title (Classification)Pay Grade
Select Health and Safety Program / Risk Manager N
Select Health and Safety Specialist L
Select Health Education Specialist K
Select Health Education Specialist, Senior L
Select Health Facility Surveyor L
Select Health Information Manager K
Select Health Information Specialist H
Select Health Operations Field Coordinator L
Select Health Program Manager M
Select Health Program Specialist M
Select Health Services Director P
Select Health, Safety, and Security Director L
Select Healthy Connections Representative L
Select Hearing Officer L
Select Highway Equipment Analyst K
Select Highway Equipment Superintendent M
Select Highway Safety Manager N
Select Historian, Architectural K
Select Historian, Oral K
Select Historian, Research and Publications K
Select Historian, SHPO Outreach K
Select Historian, State L
Select Historic Preservation Review Officer K
Select Historic Sites Administrator L
Select Home Health Administrator P
Select Home Health Services Aide G
Select Homemaker Coordinator H
Select Human Resource Associate I
Select Human Resource Manager P
Select Human Resource Officer O
Select Human Resource Specialist K
Select Human Resource Specialist, Senior M
Select Human Resources Program Manager N
Select Human Resources Strategic Business Partner, DHR O
Select Human Resources Unit Supervisor N
Select Human Services Field Program Manager P
Select Human Services Program Specialist M
Select Human Services Project Manager N
Select Human Services Regional Program Specialist M
Select Human Services Supervisor L
Select Hunter/Angler Recruitment and Retention Program Manager M
Select HVAC Specialist J
Select HVAC Systems Foreman K
Select Hydrogeologist, Staff L
Select Hydrogeologist, Technical M
Select Hydrologist, Staff L
Select Hydrologist, Technical M
Select Hydrology Section Manager - WR O
Select Hydrology Section Supervisor N