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Instructions: Select the job titles that you would like to have invoke notification. Please note that you are not required to select any job titles. When you are finished click the "move to step 4" link located above.

Selected Job Titles:
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Job Titles:
Select JobJob Title (Classification)Pay Grade
Select P & R Climbing Ranger J
Select P & R Design Professional M
Select P & R Development Bureau Chief O
Select P & R Experience/Education Coordinator L
Select P & R Manager 2 L
Select P & R Manager 3 M
Select P & R Manager, Assistant K
Select P & R Natural Resources Manager N
Select P & R Non-Motorized Trails Program Coordinator L
Select P & R Planning Development Supervisor N
Select P & R Program Training Coordinator K
Select P & R Ranger J
Select P & R Recreation Program Manager L
Select P & R Recreation Resources Bureau Chief O
Select P & R Regional Manager O
Select Painter G
Select Painting Foreman I
Select Parking Specialist F
Select Parking Specialist, Senior G
Select Parking/Traffic Supervisor H
Select Parks and Recreation Equipment Operator H
Select Parole Hearing Officer L
Select Peer/Recovery Support Specialist G
Select Performance Development Specialist M
Select Performance Improvement Analyst K
Select Personnel Technician I
Select Pharmacist, Clinical Q
Select Pharmacy Assistant, Senior F
Select Pharmacy Data/Inventory Specialist H
Select Pharmacy Services Specialist P
Select Pharmacy Services Supervisor R
Select Pharmacy/Drug Compliance Officer J
Select Pharmacy/Drug Compliance Officer, Senior L
Select Photographer I
Select Physical Health Director P
Select Physical Plant Director N
Select Physical/Occupational Therapy Aide G
Select Physician, Clinical Director - Community V
Select Physician, Epidemiologist - State V
Select Physician, Medical Clinic - Institution V
Select Physician, Medical Director - Institution V
Select Physician, Psychiatric Specialty V
Select Physician, Public Health V
Select Pilot 1 M
Select Pilot 2 N
Select Planner L
Select Planner, Environmental L
Select Planner, Environmental Senior M
Select Planner, Historic Preservation K
Select Planner, Senior M
Select Planner, Socioeconomic Senior M
Select Planner, Transportation L
Select Planner, Transportation Senior M
Select Planner, Transportation Senior - Programming M
Select Planner, Water Resource L
Select Planning Manager, Transportation O
Select Plant Research Ecologist L
Select Plumber J
Select Plumbing Foreman, Correction K
Select Policy Analyst L
Select Port-Of-Entry Area Supervisor L
Select Port-Of-Entry Inspector I
Select Port-Of-Entry Inspector, Senior J
Select Port-Of-Entry Inspector, Trainee G
Select POST Curriculum Program Coordinator M
Select POST Training Coordinator 1 L
Select POST Training Coordinator 2 M
Select POST Training Coordinator 3 N
Select Postal Clerk, Lead G
Select Postal Equipment Operator F
Select Postal Services Coordinator G
Select Postal Services Manager J
Select Pre-Sentence Investigator J
Select Print Shop Business Assistant I
Select Printing Bindery Technician F
Select Printing Copy Center Technician G
Select Printing Inventory and Bindery Technician H
Select Printing Offset Technician 2 I
Select Printing Reprographics Supervisor I
Select Printing Reprographics Technician H
Select Printing Services Coordinator K
Select Printing Technician I
Select Printing Technician 3 J
Select Probation and Parole Officer J
Select Probation and Parole Officer, Lead L
Select Probation and Parole Officer, Senior K
Select Probation and Parole Section Supervisor M
Select Professional Relations Officer, DDS M
Select Program Information Coordinator J
Select Program Manager N
Select Program Manager, Correction M
Select Program Manager, Technical Analysis N
Select Program Manager, Transportation P
Select Program Operations Manager N
Select Program Operations Manager, Labor P
Select Program Planning and Development Specialist L
Select Program Research and Development Analyst M
Select Program Specialist K
Select Program Specialist - DHW L
Select Program Specialist - ICOA L
Select Program Specialist Technician J
Select Program Supervisor M
Select Program System Specialist - Automated L
Select Programs Bureau Chief - Health and Welfare P
Select Project Coordinator L
Select Project Manager 1 N
Select Project Manager 2 O
Select Project Manager 3 P
Select Property Tax Policy Bureau Chief O
Select Psychiatric Technician I
Select Psychiatric Technician Trainee H
Select Psychiatric Technician, Senior J
Select Psychiatric Treatment Coordinator J
Select Psychologist O
Select Psychology, Chief of P
Select Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist K
Select PTV Associate Producer I
Select PTV Broadcast Field Engineer K
Select PTV Broadcast Field Engineering Supervisor L
Select PTV Broadcast Maintenance/Operations Engineer J
Select PTV Chief Engineer, Regional K
Select PTV Development Associate I
Select PTV Digital Broadcast Systems Operator I
Select PTV Director of Major Gifts K
Select PTV Director/Videographer J
Select PTV DTV Chief Engineer, State L
Select PTV Executive Producer M
Select PTV Membership Director K
Select PTV Multi-Media Video Specialist J
Select PTV Producer/Director L
Select PTV Producer/Writer L
Select PTV Production Manager L
Select PTV Programming Supervisor K
Select PTV Programming Support Clerk G
Select PTV Sponsorship Account Executive K
Select PTV Streaming Production Specialist I
Select Public Health Program Manager 1 M
Select Public Health Program Manager 2 N
Select Public Health Program Manager 3 O
Select Public Information Officer L
Select Public Information Officer, Senior M
Select Public Information Specialist J
Select Public Involvement Coordinator K
Select Purchasing Agent L
Select Purchasing and Supply Support Manager N
Select Purchasing Manager, State N
Select Purchasing Officer, Division of Purchasing L